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Presentation & News: presentation of the website, latest changes...
  Name: to satisfy your possible curiosity about the name of the company, Tro ha Distro, accessible from the previous page.
  Contact Information: all the ways to get in touch with me.

Services: presentation of the service still offered.
  Research: presentation of a service as original as it is essential.
  Consulting: on translation, translation policies, accomodation of multilingualism...
  Production: papers or articles on language, languages, translation, multilingualism...

Your Project Manager: Tro ha Distro means first of all a privileged relationship, because you will have a skilful project manager listening to you.
  Training: my university course, with the list of the main diplomas I passed.
  Works & Publications: research works already carried out and publications.
  Experience: my professional career.
  References: because satisfied clients are the best advertising!
  Team: because a researcher does not work alone...

Working Languages: those that I use in my research.
  Intra-Linguistic Variations: this question may be relevant for your communication project. (In French, to be translated later.)

Links: pointing to interesting websites, about or for translation, with several sections, namely Schools and Trainings, Professional Associations and Unions, Terminological Databases, Magazines, Others.

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