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A Varied Experience

Since year 1999, my professional experience has been made of:

  • different statuses and responsibilities: first a trainee translator-reviser, then a quality control manager in a Madrid agency; a freelance translator for ten years; and finally a PhD contract agent since October 2009;
  • various types of texts, for internal use or publication (see the References page);
  • documents dealing with many fields;
  • end clients of all kinds: agencies, private individuals, associations, small businesses, multinational companies, administrations or European NGO;
    in several countries: Spain, Belgium, USA, United Kingdom, Germany...;
  • enriching encounters and scientific research as I was practising as a freelance translator.

This experience guarantees my flexibility, adaptability and rigour. Thanks to this career, I know my abilities, my limits and the market, and I am able to accurately assess the requirements of a project and, therefore, its duration. Experience and research also challenged my working methods and encouraged me to improve constantly.

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