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Contrary to the image that one may have of the job, a researcher, no more than a translator, does not work alone. My research into self-translation had led me to bring to the fore the multiple collaborations that a translator needs (page Works & publications). Among those, working with other translators proves particularly invaluable.

For the thesis upon "the Ins and Outs of Translation in a Multilingual Europe", I work under the supervision of Professor Jean Peeters, from the University of South Brittany (UBS), author of a book titled La médiation de l'étranger. Une sociolinguistique de la traduction and organiser of several international conferences.

Any researcher belongs to a team. In our case, it is the team named "Legacy and Constructions in Texts and Images" (HCTI), managed by Jean-Claude Gardes from the University of Western Brittany (UBO), and associated with the Arts, literature and languages (ALL) "doctoral school" of the European University of Brittany (UEB).

We are furthermore associated with the team "French-Language Multilingualisms, Representations and Expressions - information, communication, sociolinguistics" (PREFics), that belongs to the Literature and Humanities "doctoral school" of the UEB.


Right at the beginning of my thesis, Professor Frederic Chaume Varela, whom I had met at the MultimeDialecTranslation conference in Forlì (Italy) in 2007, invited me to join his research team, Translation and communication in audiovisual media (TRAMA), belonging to the Universitat Jaume I (Castelló de la Plana, Spain), for a quarter-long stay that should enable me to collect data about the Spanish multilingualism, the role that translation plays both at the state and regional levels and the value granted to it by the institutions.

The International Doctoral College (CDI) of the European University of Brittany (UEB) has granted me, with the help of the Regional Council of Brittany, one of the mobility grants available this spring 2011. The stay took place between 14th September and 16th December 2011.


For the papers and publications I produce, especially in other languages than French, I work with skillful revisers or colleagues too. For my English paper of November 2010 and the article that I wrote from it, as well as for the publication abstracts that you will find on this website, I thank Joanna Ropers, proofreader at the UBS.

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